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Look taller and height increasing shoes are able to augment men’s height from 2 inches to 5 inches (and can push to 5.5 and 6 inches with the D’Etna Boot) instantaneously and secretly, thanks to the special insole used in combination with the heel of the shoe or boot. This provides the ability of the wearer to stand taller and prouder, resulting in a boast of confidence and well-being. After all, it is common knowledge that most woman find taller gentlemen more attractive. Besides making the wearer appeal taller, there are many more benefits from using these types of shoes. People will indeed react differently around you, which can be an amusing adventure to see the differences in how people interacting with you behave in the daily routine.

Regardless of the many reasons why men start to look at this type of footwear, choosing the Don’s Footwear brand is the right choice for many reasons. All shoes are handmade and hand crafted individually by Don and his team in his workshop. Shoe materials are sourced with care and attention to details. Don’s shoes are considered by many to be beautifully styled and crafted with emphasis to details. These elevator shoes have been created with a wider toe box to give the wearer a more comfortable wear and to reduce the rubbing experienced in standard shoes. After all, these shoes should not feel like wearing are high heel shoes for the ladies.

Considering the height ladies gain with their high heels, especially for a night on the town or special events like weddings and reunions, men of all heights can feel confident in wearing a pair of Don’s height increasing shoes to stand with their ladies.

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Photos of MST Frangou
MST Frangou
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Formal 5 incher
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MST Monster
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Kokolakis Boots
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MST Slender Monk
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MST Spencer
View All Tall Men Styles of Elevator Shoes
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