Look Tall Shoes
by Don's Footwear

4 Inch Elevator Shoes

4 Inch Elevator Shoes for Men

Specially designed footwear to make a person appear 4 inches taller than he actually is.

These shoes and boots will provide make a men look 4 inch (10 cm) taller. Usually, this increase in height is best achieved with a pair of low cut boots or regular boots. However, it is understandable to want shoes with that much of an increase. As you can see on other websites, some of these +4 inch shoes look like monsters to wear. Don has the following elevator shoes, and more, for a height increase of 4inches. The ultra-formal Sassari that looks great in glossy black is ideal for tuxedos. The Vercelli, a classical gentleman’s shoe that is formal and business oriented. The simple, yet elegant Terni which is smart enough to work whilst on duty. And the versatile San Venanzo which can be used for pleasure and business alike.

In the boots department, there are many choices and styles available. The Di Vico is a great ankle boot that looks amazing in any color and is a great starter for first timers of elevator shoes. It also looks great with jeans for a casual look. The Cacciatore was designed with the echo of the 19th century and is a tested design, a great way to a taller new you.
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