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Brogue Elevator Shoes

Brogue Elevator Shoes for Men

Low-heeled shoe characterized by sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations.

The brogue footwear style originated in Ireland and Scotland, which was used as your typical outdoor walking shoe. The un-tanned leather’s perforations made the shoe an ideal candidate when strolling through soggy roads, thanks to its usefulness in drainage. Brogue shoes have evolved to become a redefined style suitable for a modern city wear, instead of simply old roads.

Today, brogue shoes are used everywhere, from a stroll in the city to an office space. In fact, they go quite well with everything a man can wear, even shorts. Brogue boots are also in fashion, as they go great with jeans. Since this type of footwear tends to be more on the slimmer side, slimmer attire (such as slimmer jeans) can be a great addition to these shoes. One of the best characteristic of the brogue shoes is the variety of designs available. They can be used to either dress up or down depending on the occasion, which makes it a great pair for most men. This style is able to add an authentic and fashionable element to an average outfit, making it a truly very versatile shoe style.
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