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Formal Elevator Shoes

Formal Elevator Shoes for Men

Formal shoes are worn during more formal events, such as weddings and graduations.

The most prestige type shoe is indeed the formal footwear. These are best used on formal occasions such as graduations, weddings, formal dinners and other special events. They go great with a tuxedo, but are not limited to only this type formal attire. For the modern gentlemen willing to sport a non-black suit, there are many brown formal shoes available to choose from. Since these formal events require the best foot forward, a shoe utilizing the Midsole Tech is highly recommended. This allows the gentlemen to gain a few extra inches in height, without scarifying comfort. You’ll thank Don later after having danced the night away in these shoes.

For the black tuxedo, the glossy MST Polgato 2 is a great addition. The Sassari with its rounder toe box will equally be a great match to any tuxedo wearer. In the brown shoe category there are quite a few choices. The MST Spencer with dark brushing looks amazing, while The Molise provides a classy timeless look. In the white shoe category, we have the Novaro slip on, very clean and spotless. There are also slim boots that make a great addition to this formal category, it includes the MST Wingtip 516, which is available in black, brown and patent black for a flashy entrance.
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