Look Tall Shoes
by Don's Footwear

5 Inch Elevator Boots

5 Inch Elevator Boots for Men

A specially designed boot to make a person appear 5 inches taller than he actually is.

The highest elevation made for men from Don’s range. These boots will make you appear up to 5 inch (12.5 cm) taller. There are no shoes from that made it to this category, only boots. Shoes sporting a 5 inch increase are horrible looking and unable to hide such an increase in an efficient manner at present time, unless you enjoy platform shoes of course. Unfortunately, the Midsole Tech is not available at such an increase. These are the 4 boots classified at a 5 inch increase:

Military USA: This was first created based on the success of the D’Etna model. It is a long shafted boot.

Workman: The Workwan is a great looking boot that goes well with jeans. It's an excellent choice for the winter that can be custom made to the customer's specifications.

Fossato: At the cutting edge of high street fashion, the Fossato is a rubber-soled boot, modeled on traditional army footwear. For the man who dares to keep in step with the latest the catwalk throws at him, the Fossato looks good with anything – so long as it is in style.

D’Etna: The top seller, the undefeated D’Etna! It’s the longest Shafted boot in the collection; standing at 9.5 inches. It provides total ankle support, and an ideal choice for height increases above 3 inches.
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