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Elevator Boots

Elevator Boots for Men

Protective footgear covering part or all of the leg.

During the winter months, or all year long in Alaska, with low temperatures starting to freeze your toes, a good quality made boot is called for. Lately, Dessert boots have been trending up in the men boots department. Black and brown have always been a hit with these boots, while the reddish-brown are starting to catch up in the color race for city dwellers. Dark denim (dark blue jeans type) have also been starting to increase their appearance. Unfortunately, if you are in the mist of the winter months, best to leave those suede boots for a sunny spring day, and wear the more durable leather boots during the rest of the winter.

Boots are certainly not only used to keep your toes warm during the winter months. Fashion boots have been in the market a long time and have a permanent place in the fashionable footwear industry. The Fossil, looks great in dark brown with its straps, and the Moto with its curves and lines make it an enticing boot. The Agusta and the Luxury Cowboy Boot 9201 are both detailed oriented cowboy boots to truly stomp out the competition. Let’s not forget the top seller boot D’Etna, the most popular way to add 5 inches to your height from the Don’s range.
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