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by Don's Footwear

Midsole Technology

Midsole Technology

A raised flat sole that provides a perfect union of lift and comfort of regular shoes.

Could you imagine yourself ever running in a pair of elevator shoes? How about simply wishing that such a pair could be as comfortable as your number one pair of trainers? Those who have purchased regular, non-Don’s, shoes know full well that is not a possibility they knew existed.

Well, now thanks to a new patent pending technology developed by Don’s Footwear called “Midsole Technology”, it is now possible to wear height increasing shoes with the comfort of a regular normal shoe.

Don has perfected the insole of height increase shoes so that the actual increase no longer has to be arched on the heel. This in turns creates a raised flat sole that provides a perfect union of a lift and the comfort of your favorite normal pair of shoes.

A big issue with wearing elevator shoes is the position of the heel makes the feet constantly aware that they are slanted and thus wearing a form of high heel shoe. Midsole Technology eliminated this! It makes your feet completely unaware that they are wearing a height increase shoe, thus making your walk a more pleasant and taller one. Don’s Footwear as a guarantee that once you give the Midsole Tech a try on your feet, you will never want to go back to these normal elevator shoes.
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